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Soul Land in Hindi Sub (254)

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Series Info

Name : Soul Land, Douluo Dalu

Quality : 720p

Language : Jap (Hindi subtitles)

Size : 150MB

GENRE :- Action, Drama, Supernatural, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Martial Arts, Reincarnation

Story Line

The Age of Gods has long since ended, their voices no longer heard on the Douluo Continent. Humanity, standing on the shoulders of legends from its history, advanced soul technology to inconceivable heights. The humans of the Douluo Continent invented weapons of mass destruction, mechanized armor, and living metals. With these advancements, they went on to conquer the oceans and discovered two new continents. To fuel these new technologies, humanity hunted the soul beasts to the very brink of extinction. Once the dominant force of the Douluo Continent, the few surviving soul beasts now hide in the darkest recesses of their last sanctuary.

The weakest have all been hunted, leaving only the strongest to scheme in the heart of the forest. The soul beasts, not willing to fade away, plot an uprising for their survival. In the midst of this, a god from a long forgotten era awakens in the depths of the Great Star Dou Forest to seek vengeance for the soul beasts... .[BY AFD]


Download Links!

[Season 01 Hindi Subbed]

Episode [1-26]

[Season 02 Hindi Subbed]

Episode [1-26]

Episode [27-52]

[Season 03 Hindi Subbed]

Episode [1-13]

[Season 04 Hindi Subbed]

Episode [1-13]

[Season 05 Hindi Subbed]

Episode [1-12]

Episode [13-26]

Episode [27-32]

Episode [33-38]

Episode [39-44]

Episode [45-50]

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  1. Bro can't download file why they said download failed
    1. Aru bej
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